The Spiritual Person's Guide to Success

Course Syllabus

All BKI courses are designed with the adult learner in mind. Adult learners approach learning with specific goals, want to be able to directly apply new learning to their work and personal lives, and tend to learn best when the coursework is problem-centered so that they are actively engaged in the learning process.

Course No. & Title:  BKI-301 The Spiritual Person’s Guide for Success 

Semester and Term:  Ongoing    Time:  Self-paced   Campus Location:  Online

Professor:  Bev Knox, Ph.D.  Email:

Course Description:

In an attempt to understand human behavior in its core response to positive outcomes and fulfillment of one's ultimate destiny, we must gain an understanding of the process with an objective viewpoint. There is a mystical element to science, consciousness, and the mind itself. This course focuses on proven principles obtained through research to provide techniques that anyone can use to become successful through deep spiritual connectivity. Prerequisite Courses: None

Required Textbooks: 

  • The Mystery Element: Understanding the Habits of Success, Scientific Research on Spiritualism, Consciousness & Application. Knox, Bev (2015). Outskirts Press, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-4787-6026-9. To order textbooks:
  • The Holy Bible, any translation, but KJV or NKJV preferred.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Developed an appreciation of the connection between psychology and spiritualism.
  • Identify the different types of success and determine personal focus.
  • Recognize the key elements needed to form positive habits and maintain them automatically.
  • Explain biblical knowledge of spirit-based living and operation.
  • Become familiar with the methods and techniques by which psychologists acquire an understanding of human behavior.
  • Develop a personal blueprint of success by using goal setting approaches and planning strategies.
  • Discover the personal meaning of the Mystery Element.
  • Explain the application process of the seven steps required when creating the habits for success.

Letter Grading Scale: 

% of Points Earned Letter Grade   % of Points Earned Letter Grade
100-94 A


76-74 C
93-90 A-


73-70 C-
89-87 B+


69-67 D+
86-84 B


66-64 D
83-80 B-


63-60 D-
79-77 C+


Below 60 F


This is a self-paced online course. Students can work on assignments according to their own schedules. Online coaching must be scheduled in advanced. Each learning module consists of video lectures by Dr. Bev Knox and other supporting literature.


Quiz - 15%; Final Exam - 25%; Online Discussion Assignments (7 ) - 60%

Description of Assignments

Quiz: Will contain information from reading assignments and information given by the instructor. On quizzes, give detailed explanations as indicated on essay questions.

Final: The final will be cumulative and will necessitate an understanding of the chapters completed. The final will contain information from reading assignments and information given by the instructor.

Discussion Assignments:  Assignments are due after the completion of each learning module. Instructions are provided within each lesson.

Learning Modules & Assignments

Week 1

Review of Syllabus & Other Course Content;  Module 1: Psychology of Science and Behavior; Discussion Assignment #1   

Week 2

Module 2: Psychology of Thought, Consciousness and Belief; Discussion Assignment #2 

Week 3

Module 3: Psychology of Religion & Spirituality; Discussion Assignment #3 

Quiz (Modules 1-3)

Week 4

Module 4: Psychology of Application (Learn the Blueprint) Discussion Assignment #4 

Week 5

Module 5: The Spiritual’s Person Guide - Steps 1 & 2;  Discussion Assignment #5  

Week 6

Module 6: The Spiritual’s Person Guide - Steps 3 & 4; Discussion Assignment #6   

Week 7

Module 7: The Spiritual’s Person Guide - Steps 5, 6 & 7; Discussion Assignment #7  

Week 8

Module 8: The Spiritual’s Person Guide for Success – Personalized Blueprint Discussion Assignment #5 

Final Exam Due


Attendance Policy

Course attendance via online participation is an integral part of the online academic experience; therefore, students are expected to be participative in all course activities and discussions. If an absence is unavoidable, the student should communicate with the instructor. Arrangements should be made at that time for submission of any missed assignments.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty applies to all courses, assignments or exams completed by students and submitted as their own original work by electronic means. BKI does not tolerate cheating in any form. It is a serious breach of conduct. Instructors have the right to determine the appropriate penalty for academic dishonesty in their own courses; generally, however, such acts will result in a failing grade for the assignment and/or the course.

Ethics Statement of Confidentiality

An integral component of any BKI course is student and faculty expression of personal experiences for the purpose of facilitating coursework. Students enrolled in the program are expected to honor confidentiality as it pertains to student disclosure. If your course offers interactions with other students, shared information, comments, or opinions expressed by another student or the faculty member during the course of classroom discussion should never be used in a manner which is intended to humiliate, embarrass, harass, damage, or otherwise injure other students in their personal, public, or business lives. In addition, confidentiality must be upheld by not disclosing any information that would identify any particular individual.

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