About Bev

Dr. Bev Knox is the founder and CEO/President of  Bev Knox Institute of Self-Enhancement, a personal development training center that offers online classes and personal life coaching.  Bev is formally educated and holds degrees in Psychology and Human Service Administration.  She is a businesswoman, author, educator, college professor of the year 2017, certified master life coach, and entrepreneur.

For over 25 years, Bev has conducted correlation research on human behavior and motivation.  Her proven formula for success and human interactions especially in the areas of dating relationships are demonstrated in her vast body of professional endeavors.  Her awards include: Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro; Official Citation given by the Office of the State Comptroller in CT; University Presidential Recognition for Teaching Excellence; and Small Business Award Recognition.

Bev has developed an array of personal development education programs for both men and women to foster a positive mindset, and focused live vision through inspired motivation. Various teaching platforms are used to include fully online classes, live lectures, video lectures, books, CDs, conferences, and the like.  Bev is the author of The Mystery Element and Unleashing the Well-Balanced DIVA in YOU!  Her seminars and life changing retreats reflect that of her teachings from her books.  Bev is a Personal Development Expert who lectures and coaches clients from around the world on achieving their full potential using personal development strategies.

Bev has also been a featured guest on numerous television and radio shows.  She has hosted events, benefits, and other special programming.  Her upbeat attitude comes from her empowered sense of self by serving and encouraging others.

Bev Knox: A Personal Story About Overcoming Adversity...

About Me I am an island girl who relocated to America as a pre-teen.  Other kids made fun of me… the way I spoke… the way I dressed.  They called me white girl… they called me Medusa… they called me rainbow bright.  I didn’t fit in… I didn’t look the part.  Anxiety and shyness became my friend.  I knew I had to do something, to learn something, to become something, quick.

I learned everything I could about fashion and style.  I transformed myself into a teen diva even picking up the American slang.  Anxiety and shyness were no longer my friends.  I thought I had made it… but, not so fast… they reminded me that I was still a world away… a world apart… a world beyond.  Many lessons learned in childhood and early adulthood.   I breezed through college learning everything about human behavior and psychology.  Married and divorced during that time.  I suffocated in a world I didn’t belong.

It wasn’t until after my divorce at 29 years of age, that I began to LIVE.  I relocated to a more upscale environment where I began to feel at home.  People of like mindedness welcomed me into their fold.  Healthy friendships were formed and established.  I traveled the world and learned about various cultures, belief systems and philosophies.  I dated many wonderful people and learned so much about love, life and most of all, ME!  My professional endeavors skyrocketed and included: mental health  therapist, psychologist, college professor, TV show host, author, and business owner.

Throughout my years of living and learning, I realized that I have a story to tell… a story to share.  A story about overcoming adversity and pushing forward with perseverance and intent.  After years of experimentation, testing theories, and learning about style, dating, love, relationships, and living a good life… I have figured out the formula!  I have figured out the secret!  I have figured out the blueprint to living YOUR Most FABULOUS Life!

Many, many people face similar issues and adversities as I did.  But many more appears to be stuck in a “rut” and have no clue on how to get out.  They continue to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  They continue to stay in broken toxic relationships, they continue to remain in situations of zero purpose and fulfillment and they continue to exist a mundane unimaginative life.   My purpose in life is to assist and coach folks on how to overcome such adversities, and improve their lives and overall general functioning.  I created a series of Personal Development Programs geared to do just that.  The Ultimate Guide to FABULOUS! Intensive Training Course, is a video lecture program that anyone can watch and participate at their own pace, 100% online.  Lifestyle, dating and/or personal image coaching accompanies the lectures for a more personalized approach.

Let me assist you and give you the blueprint to living YOUR Most FABULOUS Life!  We will go on this journey together.  Your journey…

Coaching scheduling can be flexible based on need. You may also book your standard weekly sessions in advance. Coaching services are available: Fact-to-Face in-person sessions (2 hour minimum); Skype/Facetime; phone chat; or 100% online. To schedule your session, register below for instant access.