Bev Knox Institute Course Catalog

Each course consists of various Bev Knox Video Lectures.  Personal Development Coaching is included in all Guide to Fabulous Lectures, and may be added for all other courses if desired.  Students may also choose to register for single lectures (with or without coaching) and not the entire course.

Clinical Psychology & Abnormal Behavior

This course offers an introduction to abnormal behavior and psychotherapy. Students will learn how to identify the various roles that mental health professionals play within the mental health system; and the theoretical foundations of therapeutic psychology to include: intake, problem identification and assessment, and the facilitation of therapeutic change.

Psychology of Human Sexuality

This course examines the physiological and psychological components of human sexuality and their interaction. The primary focus includes: theoretical perspectives on sexuality; interpersonal attraction; cultural influences on sexual attitudes and behaviors; research and perspectives on sex; and sexual disorders and dysfunctions.

Spiritual Person's Guide to Success

This course provides information on proven success strategies obtained through researching psychological and biblical principles to condition habits for success.

Boot Camp for the Broken Hearted

This is an intensive program designed to assist folks who is suffering from a broken heart with their healing journey. You are a Resilient Fabulous Person.