Bev Knox Institute Course Catalog

Each course consists of various Bev Knox Video Lectures.  Personal Development Coaching is included in all Guide to Fabulous Lectures, and may be added for all other courses if desired.  Students may also choose to register for single lectures (with or without coaching) and not the entire course.

Clinical Psychology & Abnormal Behavior

This course offers an introduction to abnormal behavior and psychotherapy. Students will learn how to identify the various roles that mental health professionals play within the mental health system; and the theoretical foundations of therapeutic psychology to include: intake, problem identification and assessment, and the facilitation of therapeutic change.

Psychology of Human Sexuality

This course examines the physiological and psychological components of human sexuality and their interaction. The primary focus includes: theoretical perspectives on sexuality; interpersonal attraction; cultural influences on sexual attitudes and behaviors; research and perspectives on sex; and sexual disorders and dysfunctions.

Spiritual Person's Guide to Success

This course provides information on proven success strategies obtained through researching psychological and biblical principles to condition habits for success.

Boot Camp for the Broken Hearted

This is an intensive program designed to assist folks who is suffering from a broken heart with their healing journey. You are a Resilient Fabulous Person.


Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love

This class takes a deeper look at Sternberg’s Theory and its three love components, intimacy, passion, and commitment. You will learn to identify the type of relationship that you are currently involved in, and identify your pattern on romantic involvement stemming from past relational experiences.

How to “Bag a Guy/Gal” in 7 Days

This is a fun class that will review techniques and skills to acquiring a potential partner within a week. Theory will be presented and broken down into daily steps to achieving desired results.

Learn the ART of GOOD Sex

This class reviews the current research on the sense of well being from good sex. An analysis of the effects of sex and happiness are presented. A personal approach to defining your understanding of the meaning of GOOD sex, and setting personal relational sexual objectives are facilitated.

Online Dating: The Dos & Don'ts

This class covers the topic of online dating from A-Z. Creating a dynamic online presence, assistance with profile creation and image, being selective and most off all SAFETY. Ideal for first timers who want to broaden their dating search and veteran online “daters” who need a little extra help in developing a fresh new perspective.

Dating 101 - Learn the ART of Dating Etiquette

This class introduces the student to the basics of dating etiquette. A full dating scenario is presented and techniques are learned on how to: get the date; set up a fabulous first date; appropriate dress and presentation for first date; how to dazzle your date; and how to lock in a second date.

The ART of Flirting

The ART of Flirting is a fun light-hearted class full of excitement that challenges the student to try something new. From the lingered stare to the flicker of the hair… the raising of one eyebrow to the curling of the lip. Various flirting techniques are learned and appropriate/non-appropriate scenarios discussed.

Cougar Relationships

This class examines the topic of Cougar Relationships in its various forms.   Older more mature women dating younger men appears to be en-vogue and on the rise. This class is ideal for women curious about embarking in this type of adventure and seeking an outlet to express their desire for fun, fun, and more fun.

The Dangers of Being in a Codependent Relationship

This class educates the student of the overall aspects of codependent relationships, its dangers, and developing a plan of action for self-removal from toxicity.   Various studies are presented for review.

Learn to be an Upscale Single

Upscale your single life into the next tax bracket without the paycheck to qualify your status. Learn how to mingle with those from across the tracks (the right side) without detection or inquiry. Learn to be at the right places at the right time to meet other Upscale Singles. Transform your life and become an Upscale Single.

How to Get Rid of Toxic Relationships

This class takes an in-depth personal approach in each student’s circle of interpersonal relationships.  Research on eliminating toxic relationships are presented.

How to Find and Establish Positive Healthy Friendships

This class examines the correlation between positive friendships and happiness.   Students will learn how to identify different types of friendships, eliminate toxic relationships, and how to find and pursue new healthy positive friendships.


Prenuptial Agreements: To Prenupt or Not to Prenupt, that is the Question

This class is designed for couples or individuals who are contemplating marriage with or without assets.  We will be discussing the pros and cons of a prenuptial agreement and what you need to know about your rights or loss of rights when you get married.


This class explores current research on the issue of both dating and marital infidelity. Why men cheat? Why women cheat? The Nature vs Nurture aspects are explored. Is it genetics or environmental? Top 10 reasons for cheating by both men and women are reviewed.

Surviving Divorce with Grace & Style

This class attempts to prepare the student on life after divorce.   Appropriate grief stages are briefly   introduced. The main emphasis of this class is how to move on with life after a divorce, being single and fabulous, and co-parenting with grace and style.

The Effects of Divorce on Children

This class will review appropriate ways for parents to support their children through divorce to include: A parent’s guide; what to tell your kids; listen and reassure; coping skills; and providing stability and structure.

Dealing with Grief and Death of a Loved One

This class examines the various stages of grief. Personal and therapeutic resources are introduced for student awareness to include grief group counseling and psychotherapy. The goal aims to assist people cope with grief and mourning following the death of loved one.


Overcoming Loneliness

A sourcebook of current theory, research and therapy. We will explore the concept of being lonely and the effects of loneliness on health. We will then discover new ways to become less lonely.

Improve Your Self-esteem

This class helps you evaluate your current attitudes about yourself, and discover new and positive ways to enhance your self-esteem. The relationship between cognition and emotional traits are explored.

How to Increase Personal Happiness

This class explains the concept of happiness and the question, is there a “set-point” for happiness. Studies show that happy people tend to be more successful in all aspects of life. A review of scientific studies are examined and techniques on How to Increase Personal Happiness are explored.

Become Emotionally Healthy

This class allows the student to review concepts of what it means to be emotionally healthy.   Negative patterns of emotions are examined and new healthy patterns of emotions are learned.

How to Get Rid of YOUR FUNKY Attitude

This class examines the topic of OUR attitude in both a negative and positive aspect. Our attitude is an enduring evaluation of how we view life in general, which leaves us vulnerable to social influence.   Students will learn how to get rid of “funky” attitudes and adapt new positive attitudes.

Mind Power & Cognition

Renew YOUR Mind

This class encourages students to learn something new every day. Special focus is placed on each learner desired life goals and objectives. Strategies are presented to create a step-by-step plan of action in assisting to develop these goals. The concept of knowledge is power is presented. A daily schedule for learning will be created by each student.

As ONE Thinketh, So is He/She

This class reviews cognition and the way our thoughts create a mental representation the physical features of the environment. An attempt is made to understand the links between cognitive processes and brain activity, to include perception, thought, memory, and reasoning.   Positive ways of thinking are presented to create a better way of life.

The Law of Attraction

This class investigates the concept of The Law of Attraction. Popular theories are reviewed to include Napoleon Hill’s Success Principle Theory.


Personal Image: Presentation & Perception

This class takes a deeper look at scientific research of personal image, standards of beauty and attractiveness studies.   People perceive us based on how we present ourselves, first externally then internally. Learn how to make a FABULOUS first impression, and acquire techniques that will keep generating first impressions time and time again.

Looking Good & Feeling Good

This class takes a hands-on approach and allows the individual to create a new sense of “self” and personal style. Each student will learn the approach of creating a total make-over based on their own effort. Scientific research of the concept “looking good and feeling good” are explored, to include standards of beauty and attractiveness studies.

Learn the ART of Retail Therapy on a Budget

This class teaches the art of upscaling one’s wardrobe even on a tiny budget. The student will learn the skills necessary to attain and maintain a stylish appearance without breaking their wallet.   Strategies on how to shop, where to shop, why to shop, what to shop for, and who to shop with are presented.


The Benefits of Higher Education

This class examines research outcomes of the benefits of higher education. An income comparison is reviewed on all educational levels and professions. College planning and budgeting techniques are presented.

The Nature vs. Nurture Debate and its Effect on Learning Outcomes

This class introduces the controversy of the Nature / Nurture debate. More emphasis on environmental factors are explored as it relates to personality and learning outcome in children to adulthood.

Motivation: A Call to ACTION!

This class examines the link between emotion and motivation. A deeper look of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs will be reviewed to include: Physiological needs, safety needs, love and belongingness needs, esteem needs and self-actualization needs. The concept of transforming motivation to an “action verb” is facilitated.

The Daily Habits of a Successful Diva

This class examines the 13 principles that everyone should partake of to create and maintain a well-balanced sense of self, as presented in Bev Knox’s second manuscript. There is a heavy spiritual/biblical and financial component to this course, which correlates to the success principles presented by most financial scholars.

The Secret Lives of Single Women

This class reviews the myths of single women. Are unattached women sad, lonely, and financially troubled—as the stereotype would have it? We will explore the findings of Sarah Mahoney on her research of The Secret Lives of Single Women.

Goal Setting

This class will teach you the guidelines for goal setting. Effective and ineffective goal setting will be explored. Goals are considered to be motivational. They are seen as committing one to the effort and dedication that is necessary to achieve success; they give one sense of purpose and help to keep one on target. Strategies are presented to create a step-by-step plan of action in assisting to develop these goals.

Optimism vs. Pessimism: Learn to be an Optimist

This class reviews the current research that has shown that optimism is correlated with many positive life outcomes including increased life expectancy, general health, better mental health, increased success in sports and work, greater recovery rates from heart operations and better coping strategies when faced with adversity.

Intro to Abnormal Psychology

This class is a general survey of the field of abnormal psychology. We will first examine the prevailing perspectives in the field and then we will proceed to a consideration of different forms of psychological difficulty. This is a basic preview for upcoming classes on psychological disorders.

Your Money and YOU!

This class takes a personal approach when reviewing your spending and saving habits.   A history of money and how people make financial decisions are explored. The theory of saving and investing 10% of your income throughout your working lifetime is explored.

The Economics of Money and Happiness

This class reviews the age old question, Does Money Buy Happiness. It attempts to review the reassessment based on the combined effects of wealth, income and consumption. We will further investigate the notion, if money doesn’t make us happy, why do we act as if it does?


Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

This class examines the differences between religion and spirituality. Techniques on having a daily connection and conversation with God are presented to include the concept of operating in God’s spirit and not in the flesh. A personal approach to the idea is encouraged. The sense of developing a high level of gratitude and thankfulness are introduced.

Philanthropy 101

This class presents the different theories of “Giving Back.” The spiritual and biblical guidelines as well as the financial success principle of service will be explored. Ideas of various forms of philanthropic efforts will be examined.