About Bev Knox 30-Day Relationship Detox Boot Camp

What is a Relationship Detox?

A Relationship Detox is when you press the pause button on all toxic relationships in your life.  You STOP Dating, you STOP Hanging out with Toxic Negative Friends, and You STOP thinking about how other people WILL make you Happy.

Detoxifying allows you to get your life into perspective and take charge of your mindset, emotions and responsibility to yourself.   In order to be a worthy partner to a worthy partner, you need to love YOURSELF first.  You need to take responsibility for your habits and actions that lead to engrained habitual behaviors that keep you stuck in a never-ending cycle of unhealthy relationships.

The type of relationship that we are focusing on in this program, is Dating Relationships. Other types of relationships can include: parents, children, siblings, other extended family members, friends to include long-term childhood friendships, co-workers, and other people that you interact with in some kind of way.

The length of the Relationship Detox depends of the length of time you spent in the relationship you are detoxifying from.   Some systems are created for 30, 60, or 90 days, whereas others are created for 1, 2 or 5 years.  This is a 30-day highly intensive program that will work best with motivated individuals that is committed to positive change.

Why do I need a Relationship Detox?

A Dating Detox is needed when:

  • You (the person needing the detox) feels lost when not in a dating relationship.
  • You tend to date the same type of person, over and over, just in a different body.
  • You tend to hope and wish that the person you are dating will automatically change from being who they are, into someone you wish they were.
  • At the ending of most of your past relationships, you tend to break-up then make-up then break-up again several times, before ending that relationship.
  • When you first start dating someone new, you tend to imagine being married to that person by the second or third date.
  • You usually go on dates with everyone who asks you out.
  • You tend to remain friends with your ex-boyfriends hoping one day they will see the light and come back to you a changed man.
  • When not in a relationship, you feel lonely and begin to think that there is something wrong with you.
  • You tend to view yourself as "less than" if you don't have the label/title "girlfriend" and the like.
  • You make excuses for inappropriate behaviors from the person you are dating, just to avoid breaking up with them, and yet again, being alone.
  • You view major red flags as minor annoyances that everybody goes through.

When should I get a Relationship Detox?

You should decide to commit to a Relationship Detox as soon as you recognize that you have a problem (which is now).  You also need to be extremely "Sick-and-Tired" of being "Sick-and-Tired" with your dating habits and behaviors.  The sooner you start detoxifying, the sooner the healing process begins.

How & Where can I get a Relationship Detox?

There are many programs that you can take that will assist you in your journey.  However, we hope that you register for our program today, and allow us to partner with you in your wellness and positive future focus endeavors.

Bev Knox 30-Day Relationship Detox is a 4 week program consisting of intensive interactive lectures and step-by-step personal development coaching.  You will have One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Bev Knox, Ph.D. as part of this program.