Human Sexuality

The most intriguing thing I learned about this section was sex & older adults.  I often wondered why most older women would say to me "Oh I am too old for all of that mess".  Sex isn't a mess! It made me feel uneasy and think 'am I going to be like that soon?'

This section opened my eyes to why the older women I encountered believed that they were "too old for that mess".  We are a "youthful" society and we do value young beauty more so than mature beauty especially when it comes to sex.  I personally never believed that sex needed to stop after marriage or after 60! I believed if you still have the desire...go for it!

I do hope, however, society does recognize mature beauty as sexy and stop thinking it's disgusting or abnormal for adults over 60 to have sex.

Briefly, the most intriguing topics for me during this course, were FGM, paraphilias and sex therapy. I believe it's important to have certain knowledge on this topics and this course has helped me gain that and more. I will apply the knowledge I've acquired on my professional life since I'm studying a BA in psychology and I would like to study a masters in sexology. So this information has served as a basis for what I'm most interested in.

As a man approaching mid-life I am beginning to be more cognizant of my age and it was interesting to see that there is a sex-life to look forward to when I start to slide into old-age. I believe I will use the information presented here as a means of motivation for a more health-centric lifestyle so as to prepare myself early for continued sexual activity in my later years. It is also reassuring that women will still be open to sex during their later years as well.

I also found the section on sex and disability particularly enlightening. I have a number of relatives that suffer from disabilities (both physical and mental) and I never reflected on how hard it must be for them romantically and sexually. I hope that one day our society will not be as ableist as it appears to be now.

I was most intrigued by the lecture on intersex individuals. I was interested in learning about the different ways in which an individual can become intersex. As a parent myself, I can't imagine how the parents would make the decision as to which gender their child would be identified as.

I can also not imagine how the child would feel. It could be devastating to be raised as a girl, but to feel like a boy and vice versa. There are so many possible implications psychologically, emotionally, physically and socially to be considered. It is an extremely complex issue that I look forward to exploring more in the future.

I found the FGM lecture very disturbing. I understand that it is a cultural norm in some cultures, but the girls must suffer so much. Especially those that undergo infibulation. The lecture on teenage pregnancy touched a nerve with me as I became a mother at the age of 17.

To be honest, the most harrowing thing I've learned, and knew about, was female genital mutilation. Thinking about how womxn are mutilated makes me beyond sick to my stomach. I am sad to see that people do it in the name of religion. The reason why I feel so strongly about this is because I grew up in a cult myself. I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness. It's one of the most shameful things I have ever had to endure. Especially being a woman.. I was taught that I had to be the lesser vessel of a human, and second to a man. Even with the shameful thought of masturbation as a teen, I was very embarrassed to truly love myself. I was never given " the talk ", which led to my sexual promiscuities.. Now that I've taken this course I vow to make it right that every person who is ashamed of themselves sexually in one way or another is educated. I have learned much about myself and who I want to become as a sex therapist. I am glad this course exists for that very reason.

I plan on utilizing every bit of information in this course to help people of all walks of life. This has definitely been an eye opener.. I am glad that I was able to do the research along with the discourses to learn about how humans interact with each other sexually. Thank you for this course and thank you for opening my eyes to such wonderful experiences.

The most interesting thing about this course was learning about the different fetish disorders and how they may all affect other people's lives.

As an individual looking to work as a sexual therapist, both with individuals and couples, I believe knowledge of some of the skills, techniques, and psychological implications on one's sex life is going to extremely benefit me

a) One of the most intriguing things that I learned was that many people prefer warmth and loyalty above other qualities and factors in a relationship

b) The topics of love and sexuality have always been of interest to me. I believe that everyone should be able to experience both love AND sexually in ways that are unique to them, as well as positive.

c) Not only would this help me continue to develop communication skills in my own relationship, But I will be able to provide further relational insights for my clients

The most intriguing thing that I learned :

Sexuality in Older Adults

This section of the course gave me an insight into sexuality in older adults. The fact that societal attitudes towards the topic of sex in older couples can impact them so much was not pondered on much by me before. How painful it is for older adults to hide their sexual desires for each other and the stigma around sex in older adults. I was able to get an understanding that sex shouldn't be judged irrespective of age.

The link between sexual arousal in older adults and health was also something intriguing to me.

It is important like it was mentioned in this particular section of the course that there is a need for people to come out and be honest about their sexual needs. This will ensure that there is no stigma attached to this topic anymore in society. Although it might be uncomfortable initially, it is important that it is addressed.

I found the sections on sex and disability, and sex and the elderly particularly interesting.

I was fascinated by the discussion on the sexuality of persons with spinal injuries. This is something that has always intrigued me, and I enjoyed learning about the ways in which orgasm can be achieved in persons with paralysis. I did not know that men had "reflex erections" or that women can experience orgasm through stimulation of the breasts and lips. I am keen to learn more about the alternative ways in which orgasm can be achieved.

In regard to the section on the elderly, I had never really thought of elderly people being sexually active. As a middle aged woman myself, I am glad to hear that there is a good chance that I may be sexually active for many years to come.

My parents were definitely among those that hid any kind of sexuality from us kids. I don't believe I ever even saw them kiss and we were certainly never able to talk about sex. I grew up very naïve about sexuality and promised I wouldn't be like that with my kids. I have raised my children to be open about sex and to feel comfortable being able to ask questions and discuss sex with me.

I was very intrigued by the sexual & disability section. I am a quadriplegic and also a very sexual person. My husband does not want sex with me because he says it's just different. It was very validating to hear the Dr. say that quadriplegic woman have sexual desires even though they are paralyzed.

I was also very surprised by the older adult section. I never would have imagined that 70 and 80 year old individuals are still having both oral sex an intercourse. I was also very surprised that there are issues with STD's in this age group.

The lecture on the treatment of Intersex individuals was very intriguing. I am appalled at how people with ambiguous genitalia have been treated. It is sad for all the individuals and parents having been pressured by doctors and society to make choices of sex and gender at birth.

I am hoping that the inclusion of gender fluidity in current society will help parents and individuals alike. Parents should no longer be made to feel that they need to disfigure their infant's genitals to fit into a specific mold. The use of non-specific gender pronouns, including in many young children should help to normalize not having specific distinctions of gender. The ability for free gender expression for kids and adolescents will hopefully make for much happier intersex individuals long term.

Clinical Psychology

The most intriguing thing that this course made me realize is how important it is to think about disorders and dysfunctions as they fit within a persons culture and environment, what their norms dictate, and where in that regards, a behavior may become disruptive of daily life making it a disorder or dysfunction.
I realize that it is very important to take the diverse views of behavior into consideration when looking at a person's behavior.  Every psychological perspective adds knowledge and understanding of the dyanmic development and behaviors in humans.  From a humanistic approach, to a psychodynamic, cognitive or biological point of view, we gain from keeping in mind the wealth of reasearch and influence each field has brought to the understanding of abnormal psychology.
As I go forward in my profession and development I am clear that learning will always be a part of my career and personal growth.

a. The most intriguing for me is when I know that psychological problem are common in human population and  the cause is not that someone lacks faith but many causes liked biological problem, psychological, or cause by environment

b. from this course I've got many advantages and make me more understand what do they feel. thinking, and what environment said about mental health

c. This courses will make me have more knowledge that can I apply in my college, as a psychology college student must know what is mental health, mental disorder, and others

The most intriguing thing about this course is that it covers all the major aspects of Behavior and Clinical Psychology. I received an overview of major issues faced by elders, Disorders in children, Depression, Eating related issues, Sleep issues, Sexual issues, Personality Disorders and disorders which come by age.

Personally this course has successfully routed me to discover and learn more about the clinical Psychology topics. I am sure the concepts I learnt today will help me in my personal life as well.

When I deal with children at home, this course has helped me with points which I can keep in mind while monitoring and observing their behavior. Elders at home can be given required and right attention. The course also throws light on certain aspects faced by married couple.

Overall I feel this course is a very informative, and should be taken up by all the aspirants in Clinical Psychology.

Intro to Psychology

The most intriguing thing that I learned about this course was everything in the Skinner and Operant Conditioning or Behavior Modification. I found the different types of consequences such as adding stimuli and subtracting stimuli very fascinating as well as the difference between negative and positive punishment. In future I will use this information to ensure that the right consequences to actions are taken in order to help the child learn from his/her mistake best.

The most intriguing thing that I learned about in this course is that how human mind is the most powerful thing in this world and that how our environment and our social and cultural atmosphere plays a vital role in building our lives. There are many interesting things that I have learned in this course (cognitive psychology, social psychology, etc.)

According to me, this is a very interesting as well as beneficial course for everyone be it in any field. It helps in better understanding of our surroundings, the people around us and the direction of our lives. It helps in understanding the basic things of lives which plays a vital role in growing as well as the being of an individual.

Essentially, psychology helps people in large part because it can explain why people act the way they do. With this kind of professional insight, a psychologist can help people improve their decision making, stress management and behaviour based on understanding past behaviour to better predict future behaviour.

Educational Psychology

This course has really inspired and encouraged me. I am currently working in an SEN preschool where the skills and further and more in depth understanding that this course has given me can be implemented in my teaching, my observation and my discussions with other professionals. I am extremely grateful for this course and will recommend it to my peers as professional development.

Applying to this course is one of the best decision that I took ,it not only gave us the perspective from the education point of view but also deals with various other aspects which deals with children and psychology as well.

The course provides us with an in depth knowledge on how to deal with exceptional children’s,students diversities and various development viz social,moral and emotional.It also teaches us about the influence of human behaviour and various research methods in psychology.The best part of the course was where we get to know about the exceptional children and how do parents needs to have a good and understandable approach and the important insight of special education.The importance of thinking ,language development and memory was also insightful.

I have been working as a home tutor from past 4 years and now I get to apply what all teaching ways I got to learn and can apply in my classroom while dealing with the students.

The most interesting thing i learnt in this course was, about learning the different approaches one could take when teaching learners. I also learnt that learners act out when they are going through a certain situation in their life.

As a teacher, I will look at the finer things that my learners do in order to see whether they are okay and handle their school life and home situation. I realize that as a teacher we do not know the different things that learners go through in their life. For example, if they are not social then they could have a social barrier which they need help with.

How I would apply this in my personal and professional life is that everyone needs to be treated with kindness and a good heart and then you can help with any situation they are going through. I would also pay more attention to my learners and notice small things if they are having a problem.

As a parent with three children with special needs and learning disabilities, I have struggled in this area for years before I got the hang of it and this course really helped me understand and clarify questions I had unanswered. The section that addressed eating disorders help me recognize things in myself and from my childhood as well as my children. Positive reinforcements have always worked for my children  and helped me in regard to understanding human behavior.

Recognizing that not all children learn the same have been a big eye opener as a home school teacher with my children. All children are not wired the same to say the least and once the teacher understands the student will benefit and began to modify behavior and reactions with effective lessons and learning environments or procedures.

Students are all different and as educators it is really important to differentiate lessons to cater for all.
Have been a teacher for 20 years and the subject matter helped to reinforce a lot of the practices I already undertake. It also provided me with some ideas for understanding how students learn.
I am a school leader and it is impostant to constantly reflect on best practice for Teaching and Learning.

I have greatly benefited from understanding the relationship between society, learning and a student's abilities or learning tendencies.  With different approaches, our educational system has managed to include numerous, previously, possibly excluded students into the society and make them a productive members of society.

Carefully approaching labeling the disability that a student might have, does not mean that the student should be associated with it or limited by it.  Our focus should be on understanding which educational and/ or social interventions might benefit the student and help teachers and parents to make the best decisions.

Relationship between language and development of each individual depending on their socioeconomic predisposition is fascinating as well as encouraging to see how a small intervention can lead to a positive outcome.

Every student is unique at the same time some students need a different approach with smaller classrooms and/ or more support.  Supporting the students diversity helps the society in learning how to overcome discrimination based on disability.  Even those children with high IQ scores should not be separated from the mainstream classroom and society.

On a personal note, I have one child who is in Gifted and Talented educational stream and one who is on Autism spectrum (Asperger's).  This course will help me better understand and approach them from a perspective of enrichment of my life as well as help me with finding a job as a paraeducator or support staff in the Asperger's program.

Thank you for this course. It was very well rounded and covered many areas in regards to education. I especially enjoyed the sections on behavior and memory. I was looking forward to the behavior part and it didn't disappoint and was pleased with the new knowledge I received via the memory section.

Having my own difficulties in high school and receiving help from a kind teacher had a huge impact on me and has stayed with me well past my high school days. I seem to always come back to a teaching or assisting position in my employment and enjoy reading and learning more about the subject.

This course will be put to continued, and now more knowledgeable, good use at my school with my elementary school kids as well as with coaching my sports team and for myself.

The most intriguing thing I learnt in this course is the Prosocial and Altruistic behaviour. It got me thinking about the intentions behind Pro-social behaviours and how even though we are doing something to help others and to make our society better we are actually satisfying a side of us.

Even though at the end of the lesson the conclusion was that Altruistic behaviours did exist, I disagreed. I do not have any research or fact to back it up but in my opinion even the so called Altruistic behaviours have a motive that furthers our agenda behind it, which is to assuage some feeling of guilt or obligation we have inside of us not entirely for the other party. It may not be for an extrinsic reward but for an intrinsic one.

In my personal life, what I have learned today will help me enhance the life of people around me and my own life and also help convince people to take mental health more seriously.

In my professional life, I will use the knowledge I have acquired her in my place of work (I work in a school) and long-term it will help me in my second degree which I plan to study Psychology. I intend to educate myself on the subject matter as much as I can before then.

The most intriguing thing that I learned from this course was about how student learn. I know that not everyone learns and retains information the same, but learning the actual types of learning and how to teach the  masses will help in my future career.

I will be able to take this information and apply it to my career as a learning specialist for student athletes. I understand that these specific students have a lot on their plate already as athletes and anything that I can do to help them in the classroom and on the field will be an accomplishment. Understanding that not every student is the same will allow me to spot what type of learner each student is and do my best to adapt my teaching to be reflective amongst the group as a whole.

Lastly, learning about classical conditioning and the differences between positive and negative reinforcements shed a new light and perspective that I originally had on subject. And I can now use the training method more effectively in my professional career and also at home whenever I decide to start my family. It is all about how you do things rather than what you do when it comes to teaching.

As an Early Childhood Studies student, I gained valuable knowledge through this certificate. The most intriguing thing I learned about this course is the overall concept of educational psychology, how students learn and the overall development of a child.

I will apply this knowledge to my workforce. I hope to become a Resource Consultant and the information learned through this certificate will be helpful in understanding children, their growth and development.

The most intriguing aspect I learned about this course was that of how behavioural, cognitive and emotional issues/problems can impact the learning ability of children as to the extent that they would need extra assistance, namely special education. I have my BE.d teaching degree and I loved to improve my knowledge about all the different philosophies and ideas on Special Education.

Personal reflection about the subject matter:

I taught for 2 years at a school in Walvis Bay Namibia, and I actually remember using a lot of  Jean-Piaget and Skinner's theories in my class. The learners were so engaged to my teaching styles that I could help and teach them so much knowledge that some of them still tell me that they still remember the lessons I taught.

How will you apply this information in your personal and/or professional life?

I will use my new found knowledge to help the little grade 2 boy I am working with. He is an emotional boy and struggles when someone talks to hard to him then he bursts into tears. So I would use this new knowledge and information to assist him in a more plausible and functional manner that would benefit him.

The most intriguing thing learnt was learning how helping a child understand their emotions early can have a powerful impact on current and future emotional development.

I will help my students understand and express their emotions in a healthy, positive way.

There are many things I have learned from this course. the most Intriguing thing I learned about children and Adolescent Disorder. There are many kind of Disorder and in that section  I got to know Oppositional Defiant(ODD) disorder is more common in boys then girls before puberty but equal in both gender after puberty and learned about symptoms too.

Another intriguing thing I learned different kind of memory like declarative memory  and non declarative  memory, there are three kind of declarative memory, Semantic , episodic, and frontal lobes memory.

I am going to be more playful and understand my students feeling and emotion: name it to tame it, we can  try to create an atmosphere where all feelings are allowed and move on from negative experience. we should create a positive, safe school environment, teach and reinforce positive behaviors and decision making, we should encourage every child to have a voice.

The first and the foremost thing,  I have leant is what is an effective teacher , and intentional strategies right from how to be flexible and thoughtful

I will definitely apply the strategies on how to teach special children and through this information, I will be able to recognize the special aided children furthermore it will be helpful to me to teach the right education and provide special attention to those who are in actual need of it . I have learnt about the various disorders and will be going to apply the same strategies to encounter those in my student's career .and eventually, I have grabbed a lot of knowledge on how to deal with these orders and even what are the actual causes for the same fortunately I have also gathered some information on what is actually ADHD and will surely use it in both my professional as well as personal life . The most important thing I have learnt is the difference between the handicapped and disability the current IDEA  law is just the perfect justice of the disabled children.

even I am surely going to apply the 3 tier model of services to struggling students the beats part of the course is that it has elaborated on the different kinds of parents and definitely, I will attain the authoritative parenting style. the social class grouping has given a view of what is a; all about income status .the section 5 is the most important part of this course that actually gives a view of different wars of a child group.

and the foundations of memory is the real heart of the theory I believe so that no one has ever thought about the same.atlat the technology is the mastermind that each and every teacher should use to deliver a perfect lecture to the students

I am definitely going to prepare a presentation in front of my students that each and every psychology and make them feel that they are the sun and the star if their own universe.

Most intriguing part was for me to learn more about Freud's 3 components that makes up human personality. Now I will be ablevto understand other teachers,family and friend and learners better because the mind is a powerful tool. Sigmund Freud's ice berg theory gave me a comprehensive conciosness that it determens our behaviour as humanbeings. The Educational psychology parts made me aware that one can mainly deal with problems,processess and products of education. As a teacher knowing more about Educational phychology l will be able to make better decisions.

This course has been amazing, it has helped me in understanding different behavioral attributes of my pupil. Moreso it has affected my profession in applying the right teaching methods.

  • The most intriguing thing that i learned about this course is about the exceptional children.That was a completely new topic i have come across. Good learning lectures about who are exceptional children,parenting styles and special education.
  • lectures by Dr. Bev has given me deep insight about special children and how to go about with their education.
  • I would definitely apply and execute the knowledge incorporated about special children from Dr. Bev Knox when i'm working for the progress of  those special children. Looking forward for that opportunities after completion of this course.

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