The Mystery Element

In an attempt to understand human behavior in its core response to positive outcomes and fulfillment of one's ultimate destiny, we must gain an understanding of the process with an objective viewpoint.

There is a mystical element to science, consciousness, and the mind itself. Religion and science appears to be saying the same thing, but using a different language. Science uses terms such as: quantum field reality, energy, and matter. Metaphysics uses terms such as: consciousness, collective consciousness, universal mind. Religion uses terms such as: God or Spirit.

The Mystery Element breaks all barriers between science, psychology, metaphysics and religion. There is indeed a mystery to fulfilling your life's purpose and living a successful life... and that mystery begins with you. Prepare to take a journey into mind expansion and evolution.

A Spiritual Person's Guide to Success

Success can come in various forms which we will review fully in this text: Personal Success; Relationship Success; Financial Success; and Business Success.  Success is unique and personal to each of us.  According to Dr. Denis Waitley, success principles are applicable to everyone regardless of age, major, background or specialty.  We should use self-awareness and critical thinking to examine our dreams, values, interests, skills, needs, identities, self-esteem, and relationships, to set and achieve goals based on our own personal vision of success (Waitley, 2009).

To become successful and fulfill your destiny, you must have the capability to think and process information on a higher level.  This process can be learned.  There is a Mystery Element to success that everyone has access to.  You have the ability to access your genius and expand your mindset with wisdom and knowledge correctly interpreted to create your own personal blueprint for your success.

Many of our known geniuses claim that their knowledge came to them from some Divine transmission by channeling or in dreams.  Some claim to have been told something or was guided by some source or force.  That a spirit went inside of them and they became inspired "in-spirit" with wisdom.  This source of inspiration transmitted wisdom and profound knowledge through thoughts being projected into their mind.

Learn the mysteries behind the blueprint of success found in investigating many world geniuses.  Find Your Mystery Element.

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